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July 6

Intro/History and Trends


Pew Reports 

The Pew Research Center has numerous studies that related to digital media. Most modules will have one or more Pew Research studies associated with them. You do not need to read the entire report, but peruse for general direction. I will outline any important trends in my video. The Pew Reports might provide elements for your Research Project.

Take the Quiz: What Internet Users Know About Technology and the Web. How did you do? You will discuss in the forum.

Presentations – copies of the presentations used in the videos above

Watch: The Internet: Behind the Web

July 8

July 10
Web Design – HTML

July 13
Web Design – CSS

July 15

Browsers and Search



Search and Search Engines


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing


Pew Reports

July 17

Social Media

Pew Reports

July 20



Drones, Sensors, Wearables and Virtual Reality

Big Data

Pew Reports


July 22

Midterm Exam 


July 24
Business Models and Branding

Trends in Online Advertising and PR


July 27


New York Times Multimedia has many great examples of compelling photo slideshows and video. is another excellent example of multimedia storytelling. Their forte is audio. There is a wealth of great audio projects on their site.

Firestorm – The Guardian: multimedia storytelling about wildfires in Australia.

Adam Bender – story well told with video.

LoneStar Rod and Kustom Roundup – by talented videographer Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon (who is now at KUT- Austin); notice the range of shots, how the subjects tell the story, the use of b-roll, sound and color.

Graffiti Permission Wall – video done by TXST student; excellent storytelling

Ivory Wars -watch starting at 5:05-6:47 – excellent use of graphics/map in multimedia storytelling.

There are many, many other great examples of multimedia online.

Presentation – copy of presentation used in video above

Multimedia Presentation



July 29

Online Journalism

Data Journalism Projects

Review: Toxic Waters – NY Times

Review: Test Scores – NY Times

Review: Propublica Dollars for Docs

Review: How Ya’ll, Youse and You Guys Talk, NY Times

Review: Dogs of NYC, WNYC

More data visualizations on Pinterest





July 31

Social Issues


Gender and Diversity Online

Pew Reports

Aug. 3

Future Trends

Net Neutrality

Aug. 5 Exam Review

Aug. 6 – Final Exam