jhdownloadGood discussion today. I feel like you are really beginning to understand how to get different kinds of value from social media.

Tomorrow, we will finish with some of the other articles on social media that we didn’t get to today.

  • Watch the video, Part IV on Download: The True Story of the Internet, People Power (you may also watch the one on Bubble, but that is not required). You must also do a blog post on the video (on your blog). Talk about what interested you and what has happened since in the social media space. Remember, links and images are elements of good blog posts.
  • Read Chapter 5 in the book, on Mobile. Take a look at the other links under Mobile.
  • Be working on your blog posts to be able to have five on your topic by the midterm. This does not include the one required above on the video)
  • Begin studying for the midterm. We will have a Google Hangout on Fri as a review. Make sure you have access to some sort of Google account in order to participate (gmail, etc). We’ll talk about more tomorrow.
  • Work on that Facebook page for your topic. Work on getting 25 fans, so you can do a custom url. Also, one of your five posts on your topic will be to announce your Facebook page.
  • You should have completed the CSS portion of the HTML assignment before class. I will be reviewing tonight.
  • Neil is posting news tonight to the Facebook group and using the #fdom hashtag on Twitter. Make your comments on FB. Keep up the good work on this discussion!

cssMake sure you keep up to date with the readings, videos, assignments. Class is better if you can contribute, not just me talking the whole time. Anything we cover is fair game for the exams.

  • For tomorrow, do the 2nd part of the HTML Assignment – CSS. I have already logged in the ones that did HTML I assignment, but you can still get credit for doing the 2nd part.
  • Read Chapters 3-4 in the Journalism Next textbook. Also, read all the links on tomorrow’s section on the Outline. We’ll discuss.
  • I have also logged in who did the Scavenger Hunt. These items all go toward your assignment grade. The ones I saw looked great. Nice work! Hope you enjoyed. Check out the #fdom hashtag to look at what others did.
  • Erica and Alexis post news tonight. Make sure you post both on FB and using the hashtag (#fdom) on Twitter. Why do you think I want you to do both? Comments just have to go on FB group.
  • If you want to get ahead, you can start watching Part IV of the Download video on People Power. Link is on the Outline for Wed.
  • Make a Facebook page for your blog, and work on getting at least 25 likes (so you can get a custom username for it).
  • Work on your next posts for the blog. You have to have 5 due by the midterm, which is Monday.

scavengerWe made a lot of progress this week. Here’s what you need to do for the next few days. We will not meet in class tomorrow, Friday 7/12.

  • Check out FDOM – Royal Facebook group (ask to join if you haven’t already) each morning and make a comment on each news post. Check the Outline at fdom.cindyroyal.net to see when it is your day to post news. Elias and Carlos are posting news today. Ben and Cori will do it tomorrow.
  • If you haven’t already, fill out the form with your blog, twitter and linkedin. I need those items asap. Form is in a previous message.
  • Work on the HTML Exercise Part I that we went over in class. Refer to the HTML Exercise Handout. We will talk about CSS on Monday. Instructions for Dropbox are on the third page of the handout. Do Part I and upload to Dropbox before class on Mon.
  • Watch the videos on Browser and Search on Download: The True Story of the Internet. Links are on the Course Outline.
  • Do the Twitter Scavenger Hunt and create a Storify (Storify.com) with all your tweets. Make sure you use #fdom for all the tweets and make a tweet with a link to the Storify. We covered Storify in class. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Add title, description and text between tweets for transitions. If you aren’t able to do the “campus” items on the list because you are in another city for most of the weekend, then do your best to come up with something similar. You will also use Instagram or Vine for videos if your phone has that capability.
  • Work on another blog post for your blog. Remember, five are due by the midterm, which is on July 22.
  • If you didn’t already, watch the Steve Jobs/Mark Zuckerberg videos. Anything we discuss in class or cover in assignments is fair game for exams. Also, if you want, watch the Steve Jobs commencement address I mentioned from 2005 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1R-jKKp3NA. It’s great. Very inspirational.

See you on Mon! Have a nice weekend.


For tomorrow, please watch the Game Changers videos on Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. We’ll discuss. And, we’ll move into the HTML exercise. Make sure you have filled out the form (link in a previous message) with your blog url, twitter and facebook, so I can set up those things on our site and check your work. Also, join the FDOM Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/194529990710433/.

Carlos and Elias will be the first news posters by tomorrow night on both the Facebook group and Twitter. Everyone else will need to comment (on FB)  by noon on Friday. Basically that’s how it will go. Your assigned day is on the course outline. I’ll review quickly at beginning of class tomorrow.

You should be doing your next blog post too. You have to have five by the midterm, which is already coming up quickly.

Tomorrow I will also talk about your Friday and weekend assignments, including the Twitter Scavenger Hunt!


Another great discussion today. We’ll get finished up with history tomorrow. Make sure you have done everything from yesterday’s email: setup WordPress and do initial post, fill out the form with your Blog url, Twitter, LinkedIn, readings, and the definitions of the Key Concepts and Terms from the Social Media Techniques presentation (we’ll discuss, print out so you can turn in).

For tomorrow:

  • Read Chapter 2 on Blogging
  • Watch Did You Know and The Machine is Us/Ing Us videos.

We’ll finish the video on the History of Internet/Web in class.

That’s it. I just sent a message about the News Presentations. We’ll discuss tomorrow, and I will post the schedule.


Hi everyone,

Great discussion for day 1. For tomorrow, we’ll be talking about the History of the Internet and Web.

Here’s what you need to do before class:

  • Read: Intro and Chapter 1 in Journalism Next
  • Read: From Pencils to Pixels (link on course outline at http://fdom.cindyroyal.net/outline/)
  • Start your blog – check out the WordPress handout, and look at the Blog Assignment on the Assignments page of the site. Do the basic setup requirements and write a GOOD introductory post on the topic of your blog. Remember, good posts have visuals and links!
  • Join Twitter and LinkedIn if you haven’t already. For Twitter, if you follow me, you might get hints for tests or quizzes. @cindyroyal. Do a tweet using our hashtag #fdom that introduces your blog topic and its url.
  • Fill out the form (I sent link via email) with your name, blog url, twitter and LinkedIn. Do it before class time tomorrow Tues, July 9
  • Look at the Social Media Techniques powerpoint on the course outline. I went over that in class. On the 13th and 14th slides, find the Key Concepts and Key Terms. Get the definitions for all of them, type and bring to class. We’ll discuss. You’ll turn them in.

Welcome to the class, everyone. I am excited to get started with this semester. We’ll be covering a lot of ground quickly, learning about the digital and online world and how it can affect your future. I look forward to hearing your take on these issues. This class is now required for all journalism and mass comm students. Take a look throughout the site to familiarize yourself with the topics. First day of class is July 8. On most weeks, we’ll meet in person M-Th, but will have online assignments on Fridays.

I’ll post everything you need to this site. Updates and reminders will appear on the home page. You can see the full schedule on the Outline. And, the other links will provide more information about the class and myself.

I really enjoy teaching this class. I get to talk about all the new and important issues in technology and get to hear your ideas and impressions. Feel free to email me if you have any questions croyal [at] txstate.edu.