Here are the last few things we have to do before it’s all over.

  • Please watch and read all materials for today Aug. 1 on the Outline. I want to be able to discuss the gender and race issues in tech. And I want to continue hearing your thoughts on tech in media education.
  • For tomorrow, you will have some readings and videos on the future of media, and you will have to do a blog post about it.
  • By 2pm tomorrow (Fri), I will have a final exam review posted on the course outline. We won’t be doing a Google Hangout. I can answer questions on Mon.
  • We’ll do the Student Perception evaluation on Mon. You will also receive an email about doing a course evaluation. These are two separate evaluations we are required to do.
  • I went over Storify embedding yesterday. When you publish, choose Distribute. You can’t embed on WordPress.com. But you can use the Export command. Cick the 2nd WordPress button (for wordpress.com) and configure your WordPress login info. Then hit Export. That should post the Storify directly to your blog. You can go in to your dashboard and edit the file, if necessary. Try this. If it absolutely doesn’t work, then do a post that links to your Storify. But definitely try it. I can help anyone having problems.
  • For your Slideshow, try that soon, to see if you have the Slideshow option under Type when you insert the Gallery. Let me know if you don’t, because we will have to come up with another option for that. Do so soon, because I won’t be available to assist very much after the final, since I a flying out the next morning.
  • Your blog posts, all the required options since the midterm, will be due by Wed, Aug. 7 at midnight. Do your best to make a great presentation of the material, good theme, sidebar options, etc.

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