That’s two weeks down. We are making progress through this quick summer session.

For this weekend:

  • Complete all your blog posts. Refer to the Assignments page for all the details of your blog posts and getting the basic requirements of the blog set up. 5 good posts: good content, images and links. Everything well thought out.
  • Study for Midterm. We’ll have on Mon. 50 questions, Multiple Choice/TF. I’ll bring scantrons, you bring pencils.
  • I’ll be having a review on a Google Hangout tomorrow at 2pm. I’ll send an email around 1:45 when I crank up the Hangout. You will probably have to download a plugin – should be quick and painless. Make sure you in a quiet place with pretty consistent wifi or Ethernet connection. You can watch the Hangout, but Join it when you want to talk.
  • Follow more people on Twitter, ask questions of a few more people. Try to get some more responses. We’ve had good ones so far.
  • Wade and Cecilia will post news for tonight. Make sure you do it both on the FB group and Twitter with #fdom.
  • Reminder: we won’t meet in class tomorrow (but I’ll be online on the Hangout). We also won’t meet on Wed next week 7/24, but you will have an online assignment. On Thur. 7/25, we’ll have Kolten Parker as guest speaker. Please follow him and be prepared for his talk (@koltenparker).

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