Great discussion today. Everyone seems to be making the proper connections between using some of these tools and understanding their business and successes or failures. Please review what we now have going on:

1. Twitter – find three new people to follow AND ask questions of at least 2 people, something about your career, advice, skills, anything. Be creative. Let’s see if we get more responses.

2. Work on blog posts. Review the requirements under Assignments. Make sure your blog looks good, meets all the specifications. You have 5 posts before the midterm. One on your Facebook page, one with a mobile app idea. We’ll discuss this a little more tomorrow. Every post must be well written, have a few paragraphs (not just one or two sentences) and all posts must have carefully considered images and links – not just things thrown in as afterthoughts. Choose all your elements carefully.

3. Cameron and Allison will post news tonight. Please do on FB Group and Twitter with #fdom hashtag. Everyone comment by noon tomorrow.

4. Check your Klout score.

5. Read Chapter 6 on Visual Storytelling with Photos. The midterm will cover through Chapter 6. We will discuss your photo assignment, but that will be due next week after the midterm.

6. Start studying for midterm. We will discuss the review session that will be done online on Fri.

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