For tomorrow, please watch the Game Changers videos on Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg. We’ll discuss. And, we’ll move into the HTML exercise. Make sure you have filled out the form (link in a previous message) with your blog url, twitter and facebook, so I can set up those things on our site and check your work. Also, join the FDOM Facebook group

Carlos and Elias will be the first news posters by tomorrow night on both the Facebook group and Twitter. Everyone else will need to comment (on FB)  by noon on Friday. Basically that’s how it will go. Your assigned day is on the course outline. I’ll review quickly at beginning of class tomorrow.

You should be doing your next blog post too. You have to have five by the midterm, which is already coming up quickly.

Tomorrow I will also talk about your Friday and weekend assignments, including the Twitter Scavenger Hunt!

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